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The successful Lebanon LATIN Festival is back September 5 to 10, 2018 bringing you always the Top of the line artists & world champions.


It is held in EDDESANDS  , the most luxurious resort in Lebanon, in Byblos, the oldest inhabitant city in the world. This festival has become the biggest in the Middle East, and one of the favorites worldwide, hosting 90+ super talented artists, 15+ amazing DJ’s, 100+ top quality workshops including aqua classes, 90+ stunning shows, 3 arenas to party, the famous crazy pool party, adding unforgettable beach parties and non stop animations.

One of the top 5 festivals in the world

Where fun and professionalism meet

Attracts Regional and International participants

70+ Top Ranked artists and world champions

Over 100 Hours of Workshops of all levels with international 

top ranked instructors, artists, DJ’s.


More than 100 Spectacular

International, Regional & National Shows.

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